Environment Concept Art

Voices - The Citadel

All Voices material is © Shapefarm

Voices was a cool internal project at Shapefarm for which Gabriele did art-direction and concept-art.
One of the main pillars of the game was to explore the Citadel, an abandoned "smart city" inspired by european and asian architecture, a place that kept growing and mutating long after its original inhabitants left.

Voices - Arcane & BathHouse

All Voices material is © Shapefarm

Here's a few concepts exploring the strangest corners of the Citadel, along with a visual target for "The Bathhouse", a location we created to develop the visual style of the game.

This is the final beauty corner, showcasing the in-game version of the Bathhouse.
Created with the amazing team of artists at Shapefarm.
Art Direction, Concept-art, Hand Painted textures by Gabriele Pala.
Tech Art Direction, Modeling, Tiling materials, Lighting by Fabien Christin.
Statue model and textures by Aleksey Svischev.
Music by Christian Wellbo.
Everyone at Shapefarm chipped in to add more life to the place with particle FX, animations, UI interactivity, etc:
Ella Svahn, Rachel Christin, Cai Philips, Marcos Ramos, Simon Lindwall, Thomas Lilja

Vane - Environments

All Vane material is © Friend&Foe

We helped Friend&Foe flesh out the final areas of Vane.

Stuck in a Pig Prototype

Backgrounds made for Stuck in a Pig, and adventure game prototype.